Water Quality

Sno quality controlAccording to the national Georgian standards, a natural mineral water shall be naturally protected against contamination, flowing out of the underground deposits, which features a stable chemical composition, temperature and yield, with its approved reserves. Furthermore, when the water is being processed, those technologies should be used, which do not change natural microbiological as well as chemical composition of water. Only such natural mineral water can have therapeutic features and beneficial effects upon human health.


"Aqua Geo"’s production is in full compliance with all national standards. Using the state-of-the-art technologies, the Company ensures that all natural minerals and beneficial features of the water are maintained. SNO’s yield is 684 000 L.


According to the national water standards, the mineral water SNO is the underground water emerging in specific geological-structural, hydro-geological and geo-chemical conditions and those conditions and peculiarities provide for the stability of physical, chemical and biological characteristics.


According to the national standards, the mineral water SNO is bottled in line with the technology inSno quality controlstruction and in strict compliance with established sanitary regulations. By its organoleptic characteristics, SNO meets the established requirements: it does not contain foreign pathological impurities, precipitates, surfactants, pesticides and polychlorbiphenils, petrochemical products, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

The plant of "Aqua Geo" was designed in compliance with the European standards to ensure high quality of our business from thevery beginning.

SNO water qualityImplementation by the management team of ISO and HACCP systems in the Company makes for the multistep product protection at every stage of production ensuring a high quality of water.


By holding the certificates of the abovementioned standards, the Company proves the management team’s willingness to continuously control and improve its business processes. Thus, we are able to run our business in strict compliance with the EU requirements and offer the unique mineral water SNO to our consumers.



ISO 22000ISO 9001